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    tailor-made solutions.

    Under this motto we have been bringing
    applicants and companies together since 2001.

  • A network for your career.

    Benefit from our experience
    and renowned customer base.

  • The world of work is changing.

    We are at your side and accompany you through the
    challenges of a new era.

Our commitment to your success

As a recruitment agency we have been well known in Dusseldorf for 20 years and emphasize that our advice is always given openly and in direct communication with everyone involved.
We specialize in the sectors of logistics and industry as well as in finance.
Following our recruiting process, we spend a lot of time understanding the corporate culture of our customers, because in addition to technical factors, it is primarily the personal level that is crucial for a successful and lasting cooperation. Our placement proposals are target focused, by safeguarding an optimal match in terms of customer requirements and candidate profile. Our intensive support within the hiring process includes the possibility of integrating a personality assessment. It goes without saying that our commitment does not end once the employment contract is signed.

From our headquarters in Dusseldorf we are looking after our customers in northern and central Germany, and through our representative office in the greater Basel area we support our clients in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
In January 2021, we strengthened our international orientation by establishing a subsidiary in France, where we not only take on French mandates, but also supervise orders for the regions of Western Europe, North / South America and Africa.

We are looking for

  • Branch Manager (m/f/d) Supply Chain Bad Fallingbostel

  • Head of Business Development Parcel (m/f/d) Chicago/USA

  • Area Manager (m/f/d) Parcel Buying Berlin / Home Office

  • Branch Manager (m/f/d) Supply Chain D- Freiburg

  • Head of Production (m/f/d) Logistics Karlsruhe

  • Projectmanager (m/f/d) Supply Chain Duisburg

  • Head of Road Transportation (m/f/d) Hamburg

  • Vertikel Director (m/f/d) BD Supply Chain Essen

  • Solution Engineer (m/f/d) Duisburg

  • CEO (m/f/d) KMU Logistics Road Hannover

  • Branch Manager (m/f/d) Road D- Freiburg

For more information on the above positions, please arrange a personal meeting at the following telephone number:

+49 211-5504670

Our passion for people is the key for perfectly fitting connections.

With its in-depth industry knowledge, FR Personal has established itself as a renowned recruitment agency for logistics specialists and managers of national and international clients. However, this success does not only result from our industry-specific expertise, but above all from our honest and genuine enthusiasm for people. The many positive responses and comments that we receive from applicants as well as from our customers are both a confirmation and an incentive.

In addition to the professional requirements of a vacancy, FR Personal also particularly include difficult-to-reach factors such as corporate culture and team composition.
That's why we always like to rely on their consulting services.

Mario Cavallucci Managing Director, Cargo-Partner

Feldmann Rieder Personal excels in logistics through an excellent customer network and a very personal approach. As a candidate, I particularly appreciate the specific preparation for the job interview, the always fast communication and warm care. From the first meeting to the mediation, only 14 days passed.

Patrick Soldinger Branch Manager

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