You are unique.

As a person and as an employee.
That is why we take a lot of time
not only to get to know your expertise
but also your personality.

Our individual advice for your success

If applicants find themselves in positions that suit them perfectly in terms of content and environment, colleagues and superiors, this is by no means a coincidence, but the result of our special approach.

On the one hand, we focus on the individual qualities and needs of our candidates. On the other hand, we maintain intensive contact with our clients so we are able to align optimally the requirements of the position and environment with the applicant's profile.

Individual analysis

We collect your professional status quo: What experiences have you had so far? Which other qualifications and commitments in the private sphere are relevant for potential employers? What are your outstanding strengths?

Analyzing your potential

Which further training courses can enhance your qualifications? Is there a chance for professional re-orientation?

Creating your personal profile

We create a precise and comprehensive personality profile from the data, facts and impressions obtained. This not only describes your professional qualities, but also your relevant character strengths in order to give your potential employer a complete picture of your personality.


After carefully aligning your profile with the requirements of the position to be filled, we present you to the client with the recommendation to invite you to an interview. We will of course prepare you in detail for this, both in terms of content and form.

Benefit from our experience!

Our in-depth market and industry knowledge as well as a well-structured application process form the basis for professional connections that fit 100%.

Ella Feldmann
Managing Partner
Andreas G. Rieder
Managing Partner
Linda Upfold
Project Manager France
Andrew Pimblett
Project Manager Germany

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